AlgoBuild is an educational software built to study programming and algorithms.

The difference against classical flow chart editor is that, its function is to develop programs ant not to draw. The usual programming language instructions as assignments, conditional tests, loops are used throug simply visual commands. But the focus is on programming logic and not on drawing. The available functions are those typical of structured programming.

After finished, the programs can be executed into the design environment too.

The software can be used in Lab, into the classrom with the Interactive Multimedia Whiteboard and at home by students. It's a useful tool for teachers because aids to develop diagrams as didactic material really quickly.

The software is designed to study imperactive programming as common languages Pascal, C, Java, Basic...

To learn programming is mandatory acquire a minimal tools serie necessary to analyze and express the solution to a problem in abstract terms. To accomplish this task special project languages are used before the definitive program implementation.

The most popular project languages are flow chart and pseudo code.

AlgoBuild allow a fast and easy to use environment to realize programs both in graphical as textual mode. Using a simply syntax is possible to test the program directly into the environment without programmin overhead. During execution variables an instruction trace are displayed.

The first version was developed in the early months of 2011. Up to now it was updated many times. Students and teachers who used it appreciate its easy of use, quick working and short learning time.