Create Flow Charts, Pseudo Code, Programs

Start... RUN!

Disegn the programs with AlgoBuild, the learning environment to learn programming and algorithms.
Easy and fast it allows to learn the basic notions of structured programming with the use of flow charts and pseudo code.
It is funny and easy to use but based on a graphic syntax formal and structured.
It optimize the work in lab, into the classroom with the Interactive Blackboard and at home. Look at the example Hello World! with flowchart and pseudocode.



LAST UPDATE May 10th 2017 (Build 00080_20170510_2356)

Here you can find the AlgoBuild software, examples and manual to download.



If you want basic informations to start to work with AlgoBuild, here you can find them.


On line Manual

The manual present in short form the installation quickstart, the list of operators and functions embedded into the software.